Heritage Niagara

Letter to Heritage Community about Website.

As you may know our Branch is dedicated to empower people to learn more about their Family History in the old counties of Lincoln and Welland, providing resources from our organization and organizations like yours. On behalf of the Niagara Peninsula Branch of Ontario Ancestors, we would like to introduce you to a new resource our Branch has been working very hard to deliver. 

Please visit the following URL: https://heritageniagara.ca 

This website is completely funded and hosted by the Niagara Peninsula Branch OA for the benefit of all Heritage organizations across Niagara. The site has not yet been advertised or promoted as we seek input from organizations like yours. Our hope is to release it publicly in January. 

As you explore the site, please keep in mind that we are in the process of adding Heritage Sites and Events – not everything is in the system yet. If you don’t find your organization listed, or if there is an organization that you think should be listed, please just let us know. 

Our intention with the Heritage Niagara site is to give more profile to all Heritage organizations and resources in Niagara, allowing some organizations to have a web presence for the first time. The specific URL for each organization on the HeritageNiagara site can be copied and placed in such groups newsletters or used for event advertising. 

Along with this, if your organization has scheduled events, they will be listed on your organization’s page as well. On the main home page if you scroll down, you will find a monthly calendar that lists all events listed on the site. Our hope and desire is that this website will be use as a destination for individuals looking for things to do in Niagara. 

You may have some questions. We have tried to answer them below but we can have a personal conversation if you wish by simply replying to this email. 

  1. What is this going to cost my organization? There is no cost for your organization. This website is totally funded & hosted by the Niagara Peninsula Branch OA. When the website is ready, we simply ask that you promote it in your communication channels. 
  1. What if information about my organization needs to be added too or updated? This can be done two ways, 1: Send the information to us and we will update it or 2. We are willing to allow you to sign in and make the changes yourself. 
  1. What if I don’t wish to be included on this website? We would simply ask why not? No Cost, No Effort, Free Exposure to approximately 15,000 people between social media and mailing lists across the Province of Ontario and beyond. However, if you really don’t wish to be included, please let us know and we will remove your group and events from the site. 
  1. Can I post my own events? Yes, you can. We have a Submit your Event Page that you can add as many events as you would like after you login to the website. 

We hope you find this website pleasing and helpful. Through this website we hope that your organization, and all Niagara heritage groups, will be promoted beyond your regular communications and to a wider audience. We as a branch have experienced many visitors to the Niagara Region and we hope that this can be the same for your organization as well. 

Thank for your time and support. 

The Niagara Peninsula Branch of Ontario Ancestors Council 


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